Affiliate Marketing Conference Belarus

The first specialized conference in Belarus featuring expert speakers who know the secrets of traffic generation in 2020. AMCB is also a quality networking: demo zone with top-notch market leaders, speed dating, VIP and lounge zones and the afterparty with key market insights revealed.
Speed dating
  • The quick networking connections for affiliates offering maximum benefit at the minimum time.
  • A new efficient format allows getting 20+ target contacts an hour 
  • The way to find out how you can be useful to each other.

Industry pros will sum up the results of 2019 arbitrage year, sharing their forecasts for 2020. Speakers will present real cases and insights. Niche experts will tell about traffic in social networks, mobile apps, foreign markets, currency markets, specific audiences and myths on working with traffic.

  • CEO/managers of online projects and startups;
  • affiliate networks and programs;
  • marketplaces and aggregators;
  • webmasters;
  • arbitrage specialists;
  • SEO specialists;
  • web analysts;
  • and many others.
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Our sponsors are market leaders that are aiming to get the recognition by their clients, partners and competitors. As part of the event, we’ll provide them with all necessary tools to reach that goal.
Informational partners of the conference are specialized media, news portals, blogs, channels and companies working on the market. They will be the first to find out event news and share them with the audience.
Our exhibitors are top companies selling and buying traffic and making their products that improve arbitrage. In the event demo zone, they find their target audience and arrange meetings with potential partners.


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