Making Money on Instagram. Affiliate Programs 2019

Making Money on Instagram. Affiliate Programs 2019

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month globally in 2019. Around 500 million people are daily active users of the app. As the platform for exchanging photos and videos has a huge audience, it is considered to be one of the best platforms to promote goods and earn money.

Read more about how to make money on Instagram using affiliate programs further in the article.

Main ways of making money on Instagram

Main ways of making money on Instagram

Today Instagram is the platform that unites millions of users of different age and social status. People use it to communicate, have fun, study, make purchases, develop business, and grow revenue.

There are different ways of making money using the Instagram app. The most common techniques are:

  • getting paid for likes, commentaries, subscriptions. Users get money for fulfilling certain actions such as giving likes, commenting posts, subscribing to different pages. To make money on this, you need to register on such exchanges as Сashbox, Qcomment, or SMMOK-IN;

  • advertising of products or services through individual marketing. You can earn money on Instagram by promoting your own account and advertising products or services there, which suit your target audience. For example, if you write about business development and investments in your account, you can advertise training courses, services of analysts, coaches. You can use either direct advertising or a product placement approach;

  • running your own business. Using your business account, you can sell food products, cloths or cosmetics, offer photo, video, styling, makeup, training, or nutrition services, etc. Here advertising of the account is important. You can promote your page through accounts of other bloggers or on third-party platforms;

  • ad exchanges. Such services are intermediaries between sellers that want to place their ads in a social network and users that promote products through their accounts. Account owners with a different number of followers can participate in such services. However, you should take into account that some exchanges set the minimally required number of followers;

  • affiliate marketing. In this Internet promotion technique, the advertiser pays affiliates (webmasters, arbitrage specialists) cash reward for the attraction of customers to their websites.

Affiliate marketing through Instagram: why is it profitable?

Affiliate marketing through Instagram

Today affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote goods and services through different channels including Instagram.

An affiliate program is a form of business collaboration between advertisers and affiliates. After registering with one or several affiliate programs, the user promotes goods and/or services of different companies. His main goal is to redirect traffic from the Instagram app to the advertiser website.

In his turn, the advertiser pays the affiliate a fixed amount or a certain percentage if the user visits the website and/or makes a target action there (for example, makes an order, arranges a subscription, or installs an app).

Making money using affiliate programs is an option for a blogger with a big number of followers, a micro influencer (blogger with a small but active audience), and an ordinary Instagram user. If you organize your work correctly and collaborate with trusted services, you can earn from several hundred to several tens of thousand dollars per month.

Affiliate programs for making money on Instagram

We suggest that you read the review of affiliate programs and networks that allow monetizing Instagram traffic.

Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates

This affiliate program belongs to the American company Amazon. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most profitable foreign affiliate programs. The platform has offers in such verticals as e-commerce and apps.

An owner of an Instagram account can join the program only in case the account is publicly available and has no less than 500 people. In the period when the account has not been approved by the administration yet, it is required that at least one attracted customer makes a purchase. Otherwise, the account is blocked.

Affiliates of Amazon Associates get a percentage of sales as a reward. The commission is up to 10% of the total sales amount and depends on the goods category and the number of deals per month.

The affiliate program has the following advantages:

  • more than a million products to promote;

  • automatic payouts once per month;

  • simple registration;

  • special offers with payments for registering;

  • a wide choice of tools for affiliates including for the analysis of results.


The affiliate program unites tens of online stores that sell digital services, for example, cooking or language courses. It has offers in such categories as art and entertainment, business and investments, education, health and fitness, games, food, politics, recommendations, software, sports, travelling, etc. affiliates get the commission of up to 75%.

The advantages of the platform:

  • high rates;

  • a profitable referral program;

  • affiliates can set the minimal withdrawal amount, which can range from $5 to $500,000;

  • provides reports that allow tracking data about impressions, clicks, and sales of every affiliate;

  • efficient customer support service.

This aggregator of affiliate programs has been operating since 2011. Over 2,500 advertisers and 180,000 affiliates work with the network. has offers in the following categories: subscriptions, dating, online stores, finances, games, entertainment, cryptocurrency, education, etc. It allows for driving traffic from 145 countries.

The advantages of the network:

  • the portfolio includes over 1,900 offers;

  • regular payouts in rubles or dollars;

  • built-in tracker;

  • affiliates have personal managers;

  • contests for affiliates;

  • 24/7 customer support.

ShopStyle CollectiveShopStyle Collective

The platform helps bloggers and vloggers to monetize accounts. The network unites several thousands of influencers. It has offers in such niches as fashion and lifestyle.

Affiliates use the СРА pricing model, which means that they get a reward only in case the attracted user makes a purchase. The commission depends on the seller.

Every user has to undergo the verification procedure before he can start the promotion activity. The service defines whether the potential affiliate has the status of an influencer.

The advantages of the program:

  • over 18 million products from 1,400 retailers;

  • analytics of results in real time;

  • proprietary mobile app;

  • access to tools that allow efficiently monetizing traffic through all channels.

The affiliate network uses the CPA model. It unites over 230,000 webmasters throughout the world. Its portfolio has over 960 offers (mainly product) from 90+ advertisers. The service also promotes exclusive products of its own production. Thanks to extensive analytics, the platform allows choosing offers automatically.

The advantages of the network:

  • wide range of advertisers and webmasters;

  • 75 active geos;

  • flexible collaboration conditions;

  • API is set up in one click;

  • availability of a master account for arbitrage teams.


When you choose an affiliate program or network, study the terms and conditions thoroughly. Analyze feedbacks of bloggers, affiliates, and arbitrage specialists that have already worked with them. Only then, decide on the participation in a certain affiliate program. To earn more on traffic acquisition, promote several goods or services at the same time.

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