Rating of 2019’s СРА Networks

Rating of 2019’s СРА Networks

Currently, the market provides a wide range of СРА networks with numerous offers in various verticals. Cooperation with affiliate platforms is profitable to both advertisers and webmasters. Such services make the first ones spend funds more efficiently and dispense the second ones from the necessity to look for advertising providers on their own.

Let’s thoroughly examine the special features of СРА networks offering one of the most beneficial collaboration conditions.

What are СРА networks? General concept

What are СРА networks

СРА networks are advertising platforms uniting several affiliate programs. They serve as intermediaries between advertisers and webmasters.

Advertisers are sellers of goods or service providers, e.g. online stores or online casinos. They conclude a cooperation agreement with a СРА network and form offers with all the business details. They specify the lead cost, potential restrictions (for example, a ban on ad publication on specialized websites), as well as determine the desired action to be paid, etc. Besides, customers generate advertising materials required to promote their brands.

Webmasters are primarily website or blog owners. Registering in the СРА network, they choose offers. Afterwards, webmasters place provided advertising materials and affiliate links on their resources. The key goal is to redirect traffic to the customer’s portal. Webmasters receive a money reward when users follow affiliate links to the advertiser’s website and conduct desired actions there.

СРА networks charge a fee amounting to 20-30% of the sum obtained by webmasters for intermediary services.

CPA model: what do advertisers pay for?

CPA model

СРА networks offer advertisers and webmasters Cost Per Action (CPA) operations. Nowadays, such a collaboration option is considered to be one of the most profitable in the online advertising sector.

Most frequently, advertisers pay for the following user actions:

  • leads. Lead generation allows advertisers to search for and acquire potential clients;

  • purchase of goods or services;

  • deposit replenishment;

  • file download;

  • watching videos or price lists;

  • filling out the sales form or leaving feedback.

СРА networks for newbies

We have prepared a selection of СРА networks presenting offers from different niches. These services allow both experienced webmasters and newcomers to monetize traffic.


The affiliate network unites more than 1700 advertisers and 589,000 webmasters worldwide. It gives offers in online trading, finance, online gaming, banking services, tourism, and mobile apps.

Available leads: registration, commodity sale, the first payment, gaining a defined level, account activation, etc. Supported payment patterns: СРА, CPS, CPL, CPI, CPC.

Partners are paid once per week. Express payments are placed to the bank account or carried out via PayPal, ePayments, and WebMoney services.

Network advantages:

  • a large variety of tools for advertisers and webmasters;

  • high rates and weekly payments;

  • assistance in choosing the most appropriate Toolbox and its adjustment to each offer;

  • a large number of advertisers and a wide list of webmasters.


The affiliate network promotes the so-called wow goods, products designed for immediate purchase caused by emotions. They include, for example, instant anti-aging capsules, anti-parasite drugs, fast weight loss agents.

The platform catalog consists of over 120 offers. Shakes imports a range of products from China on its own. Therefore, it has unique offers that are absent among other affiliate programs.

Payouts are conducted several times per day. Transactions are implemented in the WebMoney payment system.

СРА network benefits:

  • exclusive offers;

  • contests and promotions for partners;

  • call centers in 30 countries (the CIS, Baltics, Europe);

  • high-quality customer service;

  • personal manager assistance.


The affiliate network was founded in 2005. Now, it describes itself as a retargeting platform providing advertisers with up to 30% of the sales growth.

Mixmarket has 174 offers in three segments: e-commerce, travel industry, and gaming. The affiliate network owns a programmatic platform. It allows to define whether users are interested in certain advertising offers. It also helps to create customized ads.

Payouts are monthly. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 50 RUB. Participating in the referral program, partners receive 5% of the turnover generated by invited webmasters. The СРА network charges a fee amounting to 30% of the affiliate’s reward for its services.

Affiliate network key benefits:

  • 8.5 million goods are introduced in the database;

  • more than 2 billion ad impressions per month;

  • two payment models: СРА and СРС;

  • a huge choice of advertising materials;

  • over 18 thousand webmasters and 179 active advertisers.


Еverad is a direct advertiser that individually develops offers for webmasters. Its catalog contains 150 beauty and health offers.

The platform provides partners with high rates – up to $30 per lead. The activation of the Boost option can increase payouts by 20%.

СРА network advantages:

  • more than 4000 active webmasters;

  • the average approval is 60%;

  • free translation of promotional materials into different languages;

  • real-time statistics and convenient reports.


This affiliate network covers such segments as beauty, health, clothes, entertainments, and businesses.

Payments are made on request, i.e. on the weekend and on holidays. Funds can be withdrawn to bank cards or using WebMoney, ePayments, Qiwi, and other systems.

The platform gives statistics of all orders and actions of website visitors. Moreover, Сpagetti offers various analytical tools.

СРА network benefits:

  • twenty-four-hour technical and customer support of advertisers;

  • a personal manager for webmasters;

  • individual working conditions based on various offers;

  • protection of advertisers from fake traffic.


This international affiliate network has 450 active offers. It focuses on finance, games, dating, e-commerce, wow goods, mobile segment, beauty and health, gambling.

The platform offers flexible conditions for webmasters and allows adding your own landing and pre-landing to the system. Payouts are regular, without delays.

СРА network pros:

  • user-friendly statistical and analytical systems;

  • high-quality support service;

  • 540 thousand conversions in a week;

  • agent accounts and bonuses for webmasters;

  • simple integration with popular trackers;

  • 83 thousand partners across the globe.


One of the largest and technologically advanced СРА networks. Company’s offices are located in Ukraine, Hungary, Ireland, Kazakhstan, the USA, Brazil, and other countries.

As of today, the СРА platform consists of 1390 offers in the following categories: cars, banks and finance, online shops, education, online gaming, mobile apps, real property, traveling. Its offers are intended at various geo locations. The database includes 26.3 million goods.

Network advantages:

  • 4.5 million conversions every month;

  • over 226 thousands of traffic sources;

  • a wide range of offers;

  • three formats of advertising: outdoor, Internet, and TV.


You should take a responsible approach to the selection of СРА networks. Your revenues depend on this step. It is better to prefer services that have been operating on the market for a long time and have established a solid reputation.

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