Profiting from Essay Affiliate Programs 2019

Profiting from Essay Affiliate Programs 2019

Essay affiliate programs are beneficial for webmasters that work with foreign traffic. This niche is seasonal and allows earning money by attracting users to websites dedicated to academic writing. What is the distinctive feature of essay affiliate programs and which of them are the most profitable?

Affiliate program for making money in the essay niche

Affiliate program for making money in the essay niche

To start working in the essay (or education) niche, you need to understand the peculiarities and basic principles of any affiliate program focused on this theme. What you should take into account is the fact that all such programs are mainly intended for English-speaking traffic.

Webmasters earn a percentage of student orders for essays, course works, graduation works, and other works. Essay niche boasts a wide range of themes, each of which is a unique direction, a standalone search query. For this reason, it is important to understand what keywords and sub-niches you will work with.

Essay services stand out for the following advantages:

  • high customer lifetime value (LTV) (webmasters receive a rebill commission);

  • high paying capacity of foreign students;

  • lucrative percentages (50-70%);

  • predictability of the peak number of orders;

  • income in dollars.

As the peak demand for works accounts for certain months, the webmaster can build a proper work strategy. For example, the webmaster can spend a certain time to work with content, promote his resources, do optimization, and then drive targeted traffic during the high demand period and get high percentages. Besides, the essay niche is not oversaturated, unlike gambling or pharmacy.

The disadvantage of education-themed affiliate programs is relative ethics – search systems relate direct sales of academic works to the grey zone. This means that you need to attract the target audience using related words, with the focus on academic consultations and assistance in studies.

The target audience of essay resources

The target audience of essay resources

Foreign students are credit worthy and do not spare funds to buy a good academic work. Affiliate programs are mainly intended for the English-speaking segment of the foreign university students studying in such countries as the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

The statistics of EssayProfit affiliate program says that essays, graduation and course works are most often ordered online by Chinese, Arab, European and employed students of other nationalities (that do not have time to write the work but have money to buy it). The gap between men and women is not big – 60% and 40% respectively.

Let us review the examples of what conditions different essay affiliate programs offer today and what peculiarities are worth attention.

Edu MoneyEdu Money

One of the most popular education affiliate programs, which has been present in the market since 2016. The program boasts high percentages, flexible rules, and pleasant bonuses for affiliates, for example, newly registered users get $35 on their account. The undoubtable advantage of the program is the technical support that responds and answers questions in a timely manner.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • deals with traffic from the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, China;

  • no holds, payouts start at $150;

  • WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments;

  • works with any kind of traffic;

  • sales commission is 55% to 70%;

  • rebill commission is 20% to 35%.

This affiliate program offers a white label solution and provides the webmaster with promotional materials. Besides, Edu Money has optimized landing pages. Different projects are customized for different audiences – American, Chinese, German, and others. Currently, Edu Money has four active offers.

Monthly income of a successful webmaster on average ranges from $1000 to $2000. The referral program pays the affiliate 5% of the revenue of every person that joins the program. RevShare and CPL models can be used at the same time.


The affiliate program positions itself as one of the oldest and most reliable in the market. It appeared in 2004. It is intended for foreign traffic, namely students from English- and German-speaking countries. Its geo embraces the UK, USA, UAE, Germany, and Austria. Besides, the program stands out for landing pages and currently has nine active landings.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • sales commission is from 50% to 70%;

  • rebill commission is from 15% to 30%;

  • cookies are stored for a year;

  • WebMoney, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer;

  • no holds, white label solution is available;

  • many promotional materials and no intermediaries (you work with the program directly).

Besides, among basic advantages are individual parameters of work with every webmaster. EssayProfit is ready to offer an increased commission to those who drive much good-quality traffic. Affiliates of EssayProfit receive consultations on marketing in the essay niche and stable technical support.


This program accepts all traffic sources except email spam. The registration is quite simple, does not require numerous verifications and confirmations. It offers the webmaster a wide range of tools from the moment of registration in the personal account. The program is intended for English-speaking foreign traffic.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • HTML templates, list of keywords;

  • available statistics, cookies are stored for a year;

  • sales commission is from 50% to 75%;

  • rebill commission is from 10% to 35%;

  • WebMoney, PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Payoneer, OkPay, Yandex.Money, VISA/MasterCard;

  • payouts start at $50.

The program works with RevShare and CPL models. The referral program pays the affiliate 10% of the revenue of every person that joins the program.


The program has been operating since 2015 and is intended for Russian-speaking webmasters interested in the conversion of foreign education traffic. Its geo includes customers from the UK, USA, Canada, UAE.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • big list of keywords;

  • refund rate is zero, i.e. affiliates are not charged when customers refuse the order;

  • sales commission is 50%;

  • rebill commission is from 15% to 25%;

  • WebMoney, PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, etc.;

  • white label.

The income depends not only on commission but also convertibility of land pages. The affiliate program provides many options – a mobile version, bright design, and good-selling content. It has three landing pages:,, and


This essay affiliate program has been operating since 2008. Webmasters get 50% of the first order and 60% after the hundredth order. The program offers newbies $25 bonus on their deposit for the registration. Payouts are stable, expectation time does not exceed two days.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • sales commission is from 50% to 60%;

  • rebill commission is up to 30%;

  • a big choice of banner ads and landing pages;

  • WebMoney, PayPal, Epese, Wire Transfer;

  • 5% referral program.

Other advantages of this program include 24/7 technical support, white label solution, and no holds.


The affiliate program with an average bill of $135 and a standard conversion rate of 10%. The webmaster is provided with such promotional materials as links to two landing pages, banners, WordPress templates, and the base of keywords.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • sales commission is 50%;

  • rebill commission is 20%;

  • the commission grows with the increase in traffic;

  • WebMoney, EPESE, PayPal;

  • referral reward of 5%.

Edu-Revenue accepts all kinds of English-speaking traffic, stores cookies for three months, and allows withdrawing sums starting at $50.


One of the few affiliate programs intended for the Russian-speaking traffic in the education niche. It offers webmasters 50% of every closed order, accepts any kind of traffic except for email spam. Cookies are stored for a month, and there is an embeddable order form.

Characteristics of the affiliate program:

  • sales commission is 55%;

  • offers works from the whole CIS, 45,000 authors;

  • great choice of promotional materials;

  • quick payouts, no holds;

  • personal account with statistics;

  • VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money.

The program offers 20% of the order sum and attaches the customer to the webmaster for a period of six months or more. Besides, affiliates can consult with their personal manager that helps to start successful work in the essay niche.

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