One Price, Two Events: Conferences for Arbitrage Experts in Tbilisi and Minsk

One Price, Two Events: Conferences for Arbitrage Experts in Tbilisi and Minsk

Experienced arbitrage specialists earn from $200 per day to $22,000 per month. The better traffic – creative – offer combination, the higher revenues. The exploration of professional experience allows to increase profit and save time on searching through unprofitable formulas.

How to ensure the business relevancy on the Internet? Join the international community of arbitrage professionals in Minsk and Tbilisi. Organizers do their best to provide everyone with such an opportunity: a single ticket, the same price, but twice as much live communication and best practices.

The events are aimed at those earning on websites and traffic. It will be extremely useful if you are going to set up your own business or increase revenues without investments in marketing.

Program on October 18, Tbilisi

The best marketing experts and casino managers will talk about profitable business models and customer acquisition, while lawyers and entrepreneurs will focus on taxes and regulations in Georgia.

It will be beneficial to people who already generate profit in the gambling business or desire to establish their own lucrative business in Georgia.

Program on December 12, Minsk

Case studies by professionals: how to test niches, where to get the maximum amount of money, and how loners can survive on the Internet congested by large budgets of well-known companies.

The conference is designed for webmasters, arbitrage and SEO specialists, web analysts, and users of their services.

Terms of participation

The special offer is valid until October 17 inclusive.

  • access to the Business category at both events;

  • access to the exhibition area;

  • presentations by speakers sent to emails;

  • discounts on hotels (ask managers for relevant information);

  • access to the party in Tbilisi.

The first 10 tickets are available for €100. Buying them separately will be twice as expensive and without the party.

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