New sources of traffic are hidden in social services. Interview with CMO of CashPlanet Dmitry Kustov

New sources of traffic are hidden in social services. Interview with CMO of CashPlanet Dmitry Kustov

Advertiser is the main ally of the webmaster, as the advertiser benefits from the webmaster’s gains, believes CMO of CashPlanet Dmitry Kustov. In the interview to Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference, the specialist spoke about payment models in affiliate programs, mistakes made by webmasters, and the future of the gambling industry in the following two or three years.

Dmitry Kustov has 10+ years of experience in the digital market, more than half of which he spent on the mobile sector. Dmitry launched startups in the US and European markets. Active participant of industry events in many countries.

Interviewer: Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference (MIAC)

Respondent: Dmitry Kustov, Chief Marketing Officer at CashPlanet (D.K.)

MIAC: In your opinion, which payment model is the most beneficial in affiliate programs?

D.K.: It depends on what you are calling a model (smiles – editor’s note). If we are talking about distribution of traffic from the standpoint of maximization of your own income, the main thing here is the diversification of both affiliate programs and payment techniques.

For example, it is not good to supply traffic to only one customer, as you will depend on this person. Besides, a beginning webmaster cannot sell traffic using Revenue Share model only – there is a risk not to manage operating costs. Of course, Revenue Share is the best model for making long-term earnings and providing yourself with passive income, but it will match only those who can operate traffic of
conditionally average quality.

MIAC: What mistakes do webmasters usually make when working with advertisers?

D.K.: The most common mistake is the lack of communication with the advertiser. The advertiser is the first and main ally of the webmaster. He is most interested in the earnings of the webmaster, since this is his earnings too. But at the same time, the advertiser has a huge amount of information about the audience, product, funnel, etc. Statistics on the effectiveness of traffic, landing pages, or promotional materials can greatly simplify the webmaster's life.

MIAC: Why webmasters can refuse to work with the offer?

D.K.: There can be many reasons, from the inability to pick up the relevant traffic to the shave on the side of the affiliate network. But you can and should work with any of the reasons.

MIAC: What should webmasters take into account if their offer is connected with gambling?

D.K.: There should be many items here, but they are all rather typical. And I want to talk about something non-standard. For example, I would like to mention that big players bring the main profit in gambling like in any other gaming niche. They are called whales, VIPs, high rollers, etc. The task of each advertiser is to catch such a player.

But. If you work basing on the CPA model and manage to bring a whale, you will lose 99% of your main revenue. At the same time, those who manage to bring a whale basing on Revshare will be able to afford a long vacation (smiles – editor’s note).

MIAC: How to attract webmasters to work with an affiliate program?

D.K.: Speak the same language. In the affiliate marketing, everything is mainly built on trust. Webmasters work with those they trust. Our managers maintain good relations with affiliates and within the company always act on the side of their affiliates. They share educational materials, statistics, understanding of the product, and knowledge of the market.

MIAC: Some webmasters believe that mobile traffic is better than desktop traffic. Do you agree with them?

D.K.: At some point this was true, but not for long. The mobile audience was a little less accustomed to certain offers, ads were not placed in the mobile sector, and there were not so many smartphones. Now it is more important to understand that soon mobile traffic will become the main type of traffic, and both webmasters and advertisers with their own landing pages, materials, and products should be prepared to it.

MIAC: What payment model suits the best to those who generate mobile traffic?

D.K.: The typical model for the mobile niche is CPI (Cost Per Install). But the further you move down the conversion funnel, the higher the payouts. And in case the offer implies a pure Cost Per Install model, it may hide rather strict lead qualification or the so-called Hard KPI.

MIAC: In your opinion, what changes wait for affiliate programs in the next few years?

D.K.: To make it short, here is my top 3 list:

  • everyone will move to the mobile niche;

  • the market will become even more competitive;

  • new sources of traffic are hidden in social services.

Dmitry Kustov will speak on the topic ‘Efficient redirection of mobile traffic to iGaming’ at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference on April 24. Learn more about making money in the mobile sector from the expert at the conference!

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