Best Affiliate Programs to Monetize YouTube Channels

Best Affiliate Programs to Monetize YouTube Channels

Today YouTube is not only the place to watch videos but also the platform to earn money. With its help, thousands of users from all over the world managed to become rich and famous. The peculiarity of the video hosting service is that it allows earning money to not only bloggers with a multimillion audience but also owners of channels with a small number of subscribers. One of the most efficient ways to monetize the video channel is collaboration with affiliate programs and media networks.

Read further in the article about the most profitable and promising affiliate programs for YouTube.

How to earn money on YouTube: the main ways of channel monetization

Как зарабатывать на YouTube

For YouTube to start bringing income, you primarily need to register with the video hosting service and create your own channel. Then you need to take care of the content. When you choose the specifics of the blog, orient toward your own interests and available knowledge. At the same time, take into account that whatever topics you cover in videos, the most important thing is that they appeal to users. Only in this case, you can develop your blog and make it a platform to increase your revenue.

Currently, there are many different ways to make money on YouTube. Some of them are the following:

  • Individual promotion of goods and services. Owners of video channels directly collaborate with companies and/or individuals and advertise different products or services in their videos. It is possible to achieve the best results if you promote products that suit the target audience of the blog;

  • Implementation of contextual advertising Google AdSense. This service automatically places text and graphical ads on top of YouTube videos and other website areas. Owner of the channel gets a monetary reward for ad impressions or clicks;

  • CPA networks. Working with such platforms, bloggers place affiliate links from different advertisers on their channels. They receive revenue for attracting new customers to websites of advertisers;

  • Affiliate programs certified by YouTube. This is one of the best ways to monetize YouTube channels. A blogger joins the affiliate program. Afterwards, different types of ads are placed on top of his or her videos. Rewards are paid for ad impressions or clicks.

Terms of collaboration with affiliate programs for YouTube

Today the market has different affiliate programs to monetize YouTube channels. Each of them offers bloggers its own collaboration terms. Some of them are:

  • The minimum number of subscribers. Depending on the affiliate program, this number can range from several tens to several thousand people. Owners of accounts with a zero audience will not be able to connect their channels to affiliate programs;

  • The number of views and/or time spent on viewing the video on the channel. The more views, the higher the probability that your application for participation in the affiliate program will be approved;

  • Presence of warnings from YouTube that relate to the authorship of content. Affiliate programs work only with the bloggers that create unique content and do not violate the author’s rights;

  • The lifetime of the channel. This parameter ranges depending on the type of the affiliate program.

Top 6 affiliate programs for YouTube

Here is the list of six affiliate programs for YouTube that offer owners of video channels the most profitable collaboration terms.


AIR is considered one of the most popular YouTube affiliate programs. With its help, bloggers develop, promote, and monetize their video channels.

The affiliate program allows working with big advertisers, provides audit services for the video blog, and helps to solve issues related to the block, strike, and demonetization of channels in a timely manner. Besides, in the process of content generation, affiliates of AIR can use the music library that contains over 60 thousand free audio tracks and sound effects.

Minimum conditions for collaboration with AIR: not less than 1500 subscribers, watch time of videos on the channel – from 5000 hours, compliance of the blog with all rules of video hosting, and connection of the channel with AdSense.

Advantages of the affiliate program:

  • protects the author’s rights of YouTube blog owners;

  • minimal withdrawal amount – $0.5;

  • availability of the referral program;

  • advanced personal profile and quick technical support.


The international affiliate media network that previously worked under the brand of VSP Group. Today it unites 5,000 channels with the total number of subscribers of 900 million people.

Yoola helps bloggers to work with the largest advertisers in the world. Some of them are Pepsi, GoPro, Adidas, KFC, Microsoft, and many others. The media network consults authors on the issues of channel development, organizes meetings with fans, and provides bloggers free access to the music library and video optimization software.

Minimum conditions for participation in the program: 7,000 views of the video over the last 30 days, correspondence of the blog with all YouTube rules, monetization of AdSense.

Advantages of the affiliate media network:

  • owners of channels get up to 80% of revenue from video monetization;

  • conduct of training sessions, seminars, and webinars for affiliates;

  • assistance in the issues of channel settings, optimization, and promotion;

  • reliable technical support.


This media network has been a partner of YouTube since 2010. Today it unites around 15,000 video bloggers. The affiliate network allows monetizing video content and provides assistance in the settlement of questions related to the author’s rights.

For additional earnings, QuizGroup offers affiliates to participate in the referral program. It implies that when the blogger brings a new affiliate to the network, he or she gets 10% of the affiliate’s revenue.

Terms of registration with the program: at least 10 channel subscribers, not less than 10,000 video views, monetization of AdSense.

Some Internet users believe that QuizGroup is an ideal affiliate program for beginning YouTube bloggers.

Advantages of the affiliate network:

  • wide choice of tools using which bloggers can track all parameters of their channels;

  • the affiliate receives 80% of revenue from advertising on the YouTube channel;

  • use of universal payment tools including WebMoney and direct bank transfers.

Iricom Network

Iricom Network – is an affiliate network that allows bloggers to develop and promote video channels as well as earn on YouTube and reliably protect content against illegal copying.

Minimum conditions for registration in the affiliate network: good content. Iricom Network states that channels with a small number of views but a positive growth dynamics can become affiliates there.

Advantages of Iricom Network:

  • minimum requirements to channels participating in the affiliate network;

  • secure and timely payouts;

  • affiliates get 80% of revenue from advertising in their blogs;

  • availability of the referral program;

  • high-quality technical support.


LETSON – is a certified partner of YouTube that specializes in the development and monetization of video channels dedicated to games and entertainment.

Minimum conditions for participation in the program: from 1,000 views of the video per day over the last week. YouTube channels that are already connected to other aggregators cannot register with LETSON.

Advantages of the affiliate network:

  • owners of video channels get from 70 to 90% from the total revenue of advertising campaigns (the more video views, the higher the revenue share);

  • additional income from advertising and sponsorship offerings;

  • availability of the referral program;

  • personal manager for owners of channels that provides support in any questions related to YouTube.

YouTube affiliate programYouTube affiliate program

The last item on our list is the affiliate program of YouTube. Hot to get profit using the program? Bloggers that participate in the program earn money for ad impressions and paid subscriptions YouTube Premium. The video hosting service gives bloggers 55% of the revenue brought by advertisers. Payouts are made through an AdSense account.

Minimum conditions for participation in the affiliate program: from 1,000 subscribers, from 4,000 watch hours of the video over the last 12 months, connection with an AdSense account.

Advantages of the affiliate program:

  • a possibility to contact the support service of authors;

  • access to matching search tool;

  • several sources of income for affiliates including advertising and sponsorship.

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