Who Is a Webmaster in 2019?

Who Is a Webmaster in 2019?

A webmaster is a profession caused by the rapid development of Internet space. It appeared not so long ago but managed to become in-demand and highly paid. People engaged in this activity are multi-discipline specialists with knowledge and skills in many areas. Their revenues can be estimated at dozens of thousands of dollars. The article reveals who webmasters are and how to become them.

Who is the webmaster? Specialty basics

Who is the webmaster

The term ‘webmaster’ was firstly used in 1992 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the Internet. In his guide to the online hypertext style, he recommended making a mail alias “webmaster” so that users who have problems with server operations can contact its developers.

Currently, the webmaster is an expert in the development and maintenance of websites and webapps. They can have skills of designers, programmers, system administrators, content managers, moderators, administrators, marketers, copywriters, etc.

Webmaster’s obligations include a wide range of tasks:

  • development and adjustment of webservers;

  • creation, design, and testing of websites;

  • development of user-friendly interfaces;

  • slicing, editing, and upgrading of webpages;

  • placement of advertising and SEO tags on online resources;

  • publication and editing of content;

  • resource SEO;

  • website promotion using various methods and tools;

  • online portal safety and security;

  • web service management;

  • Internet marketing organization;

  • click stream analysis;

  • traffic generation, and so on.

Besides, website or blog owners are also referred to webmasters. Not only do they maintain online resources but also find advertisers, work with the target audience, and conduct marketing campaigns. Such specialists obtain profit by promoting various goods and services on their portals. Thus, they enter affiliate programs and networks as well as cooperate with teaser platforms, contextual advertising services, etc.

Sometimes webmasters can be confused with arbitrage experts. Representatives of the latter profession also earn money using affiliate marketing. However, their primary goal is to buy traffic and resell it at a higher cost. They do not develop their own websites. They use numerous resources to promote goods and services.

What skills should webmasters have?

What skills should webmasters have

Website development, maintenance, and promotion, as well as traffic monetization, is a hard work requiring certain skills. The more webmasters know and can, the better their websites function and the greater income they get.

Despite the fact that the term ‘webmaster’ has been existing for 30 years, this profession does not officially exist in the USA, the CIS countries, and the EU as of today. Therefore, common requirements for such specialists are absent.

Nevertheless, there is a list of skills and abilities allowing webmasters to adjust efficient operations:

  • competence in programming languages for website development (JavaScript, Java, РНР, Python, Ruby, Perl, and so on);

  • competence in HTML and CSS languages for document layout on the Web and their design;

  • ability to apply the database management system (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and others);

  • understanding of the operational concept of HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols;

  • proficiency in graphics editor basics required to create various website elements (for example, photo processing, logo or profile heading development);

  • understanding of online resource management basics;

  • competence in website usability issues and logical architecture, in other words, to realize how to make Internet portals user-friendly;

  • online marketing knowledge (to promote websites and monetize traffic);

  • ability to use online portal design programs;

  • understanding of SEO basics (for external and internal resource optimization in order to enhance its positions in the search engine results);

  • ability to provide high-quality content (it is referred to text materials and graphics images);

  • English proficiency, etc.

Webmasters can delegate some of their duties to single-discipline specialists. For instance, copywriters can be responsible for content creation, SEO experts for website optimization, web designers for page appearance, and so on.

Services and tools for webmaster operations

Webmasters utilize various services and tools designed to develop, evolve, and maintain websites. Let’s examine some of them.

Content Management System (CMS)

It is a software for online resource content management. This solution allows designing websites and adding diverse features. Moreover, webmasters do not need programming skills. Such systems include 1С-Bitrix, Shop-Script, ABO.CMS, Danneo, Atilekt.CMS, and many others.


This service allows to assess the website indexation results, analyze the resource reference weight, and record security problems. Yandex.Webmaster helps to manage the website structure, carry out its diagnostics, as well as to detect and fix different technical faults.

Google Search Console

Due to this service, one can define what queries get people to the website from search systems. Google.Webmaster also informs of errors found on the online resource, helps to select key words and determine the most popular pages. This information allows webmasters to generate better traffic.


It is a free web analytics tool. It analyzes the user behavior on the website, monitors traffic sources, and assesses the ad efficiency. This service provides reports showing the dynamics of online portal traffic.

Google Analytics

This free service is used to create detailed statistics of website visitors. It monitors all the user actions and analyzes obtained data. As a result, the system provides webmasters with detailed information about resource visitors, in particular their permanent residence, operational systems, providers, traffic sources, and so on.

How webmasters earn

In 2019, earnings on websites are not a myth but a real opportunity for webmasters. There are a variety of ways to multiply revenues using your own web resources. You will be able to discover more about traffic monetization at Affiliate Marketing Conference Belarus. Meanwhile, let’s review the most popular earning methods for webmasters.

Affiliate marketing

It is one of the most efficient online marketing tools. It allows to promote goods and services in many niches, including e-commerce, mobile apps, finance, dating, etc.

To earn on affiliate marketing, webmasters should join an affiliate program or a СРА network and select corresponding offers. Afterwards, they publish advertising materials and links provided by the customer on their website. The partner’s core goal is to redirect traffic to the web resource of the goods seller or service provider. The online portal owner will receive the money reward if attracted users enter the advertiser’s Internet platform and/or conduct a desired action there, e.g. register, make a purchase, or download an app.

Such a traffic monetization way results in a large income. Experienced webmasters earn several thousand dollars per month due to affiliate marketing.

Teaser advertising

A teaser means an ad consisting of a catchy title, a spectacular image, and, in some cases, a brief description announcement. It mainly aims to intrigue users and to encourage them to follow the advertiser’s website.

To earn on the placement of this ad type, you should enter a teaser network. Webmaster’s revenues grow when users click on ads and follow advertiser’s websites.

Contextual advertising

Traffic can be monetized by placing ads related to the resource theme or a certain article on website pages. To implement this, you should register in the advertising network. Such services include Yandex.Direct, Google AdSense, Begun, and others. The website shows ad blocks after moderation and code installation. Webmaster’s profit depends on the number of users clicking on the ad.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a static or animated picture placed in different website places. The market has various banner advertising exchanges: Rotaban, Linkslot, Obmenvizit, and others.

Note: website users sometimes do not mention this format on the Internet overfilled with ads. The given phenomenon is called banner blindness. To benefit from this method, place banners deliberately and do not misuse similar advertising.

How to become the webmaster: where to start exploring this profession?

How to become the webmaster

With universities failing to train webmasters, you can obtain the necessary knowledge on your own or by taking courses.

Nowadays, educational programs are implemented by major companies, private schools, and individual specialists. There are courses focusing on several areas. There are also field-specific classes offering certain skills. Such lessons will provide you not only with theoretical knowledge but also with a practical understanding of website development and maintenance.

For example, Google has its own academy for webmasters. Its audience learns how to develop and optimize high-quality websites. Yandex offers certain online courses dedicated to the basic principles of indexation and optimization of online resources.

Deciding to learn the webmaster specialty, you will have to analyze a lot of materials on programming and web design basics, writing of high-end texts, landing creation, and online marketing features. Useful information can be found in specialized books, articles, video lessons, and blogs of experienced webmasters.

Experts assert that theoretical knowledge is not enough to become a successful webmaster. You need practice to become familiar with the specialty and to earn.

How webmasters can find a job

How webmasters can find a job

Webmasters can be staff members at a certain company or organization. In this case, they are in charge of maintaining third-party resources. The following jobs are available on job search engines, Telegram channels, and other sources.

Another method for getting hired is to develop your own online resource or to acquire an off-the-shelf Internet portal on special exchanges for website purchase and sales. You can use such services as PR-CY, All sites for biz, Megagroup, Telderi, Flippa, and others.

Designing your own website, you are responsible for its development. You should independently decide how to fill the resource, promote it, and monetize its traffic. Taking a proper approach, webmasters can create a seamless website with interesting content, which will become a platform generating high revenues.

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