What tracker to choose for traffic arbitrage: top 5 tools

What tracker to choose for traffic arbitrage: top 5 tools

Currently, traffic arbitrage is a popular way of online earnings. Experienced arbitrage specialists believe that high-quality traffic reselling is impossible without special trackers.

Let’s figure out why we need arbitrage trackers, how they operate, and which one to choose.

What do arbitrage trackers mean? What are their types?

arbitrage trackers

An arbitrage tracker is an analytical system that controls affiliate links and monitors their functionality. This tool allows arbitrage experts to track the efficiency of advertising campaigns, divide and redirect traffic, as well as obtain as many benefits as possible.

There are two types of trackers:

  • a self-hosted one: a tracker installed on a server or a hosting service;

  • a cloud one: an online cloud tracker.

What is the purpose of trackers?

Trackers can be useful to each arbitrage manager: they control platforms and landing pages, eliminate bots, and optimize the process.

Efficiency analysis

Trackers allow arbitrage specialists to select the most efficient combination: components in promotion operations. The combination includes offer, source, affiliate program, landing pages, and cooperation with advertisers, as well as preparation of promotional materials and analytics.

To make complex work with offers fruitful, the tracker analyzes data and collects all analytics into a single system. Therefore, arbitrage experts can easily compare the efficiency of various traffic sources and conversion of the same offer in different affiliate programs.

Easy division and redirection of traffic

The tracker allows to divide traffic and direct it to diverse offers in order to obtain the maximum conversion.

This tool helps arbitrage managers to split traffic into geo locations, operators, and sources. To redirect traffic, you don’t have to replace the link or change the affiliate system: the tracker will do this on its own.

Automatic changeover of affiliate program

Optionally, arbitrage specialists specify the tracker limit on offer leads in affiliate programs. When the limit is reached, the tracker automatically changes the affiliate program and redirects traffic to the similar offer, but in another affiliate network.

Top 5 popular arbitrage trackers


Keitaro is a user-friendly tracker supported by any websites and platforms. The tool offers more than 100 patterns of affiliate programs for accelerated connection and multilevel reports, as well as divides traffic into various categories.

Type: self-hosted.

Cost: $25–70 per month, depending on features.


AdsBridge is an arbitrage traffic with a set of Smart Link tools, which represents a single link for traffic redirection. The tracker analyzes all users following the smart link and redirects them to appropriate offers.

Type: cloud.

Cost: $89–799 per month.


Binom is one of the most popular trackers with a user-friendly interface and the efficient support service. The tracker provides the high operational speed and immediately collects reports even with a huge amount of parameters.

Type: self-hosted.

Cost: $69 per month.


PeerСlick applies artificial intelligence in its optimization systems and automatically allots traffic between offers and affiliate programs in order to achieve the maximum conversion. Besides, it processes over 1 billion clicks per 24 hours on any account.

Type: cloud.

Cost: $35–455 per month.

CPA Tracker

CPA Tracker has a transparent interface. It offers arbitrage experts to control shifts, unite sales and expenses, as well as thoroughly analyze the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Type: cloud and self-hosted versions.

Cost: 1000–5000 RUB per month; free version is available.

How to select a proper tracker

How to select a proper tracker

First off, you should define what type of tracker you need: cloud or self-hosted one. Working with a certain region, you can choose a self-hosted option. However, if you deal with offers worldwide, a cloud one will be the most convenient and profitable.

Afterwards, to select the best possible tracker, you should determine:

  • what reports you require;

  • what sum of money you are ready to spend on the tracker;

  • what features are the most significant for you.

Appropriate options can be tested as part of free trial. It will allow to assess the convenience of operation and the efficiency of report preparation as well as to select the best option.

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