How to Promote Apps through CPA Affiliate Networks 2019

How to Promote Apps through CPA Affiliate Networks 2019

According to the reports of We Are Social and Hootsuite, the number of mobile users in the world reached 5.11 billion in early 2019, which is by 100 million more than in 2018. Analysts also assessed that the number of Internet users reached 4.39 billion people in 2019, which is by 366 million more than last year.

Different researches prove that the number of smartphone owners is growing year by year. People use mobile devices not only for communication but also for entertainment, purchases, payments, and other tasks. Providers of goods and services are aware of that and release their own mobile apps in order to develop business and grow revenues. For apps to gain popularity and start bringing income, companies should promote them. Today CPA affiliate networks are used as a tool to achieve this goal.

What are mobile offers? How to promote apps in affiliate networks? Read further in the article.

What are mobile offers? General concept

What are mobile offers

Mobile offers are commercial offers oriented toward app promotion. They are intended for mobile traffic only – users that visit websites through smartphones, tablets, and other portable means of communication. They fall into two categories: mobile applications for iOS and Android devices and mobile subscriptions.

There are the following categories of apps in mobile commerce:

  • games for mobile devices. Apps that work online and/or offline and allow playing alone or with a group of users;

  • utility apps. Different applications intended to fulfil specialized tasks related to smartphone operation, including browsers, archivers, file managers, diagnostic software, antiviruses, cloud storages, and many others;

  • shopping apps. Software from different online shops intended to make online purchases;

  • taxi and carsharing. These are apps for calling taxi services and hiring cars;

  • entertainment and education. Apps for learning languages, reading books, watching films, listening to music, watching photos, etc.

Mobile subscription is a service of providing access to content for a certain fee. The payment is often charged to the user’s mobile phone bill. Today this service does not enjoy much popularity.

When advertisers form mobile offers, they describe all the details of the deal. Offers specify the following information, among other things:

  • desired action. Advertisers define for what user actions they are ready to pay to webmasters and/or arbitrage specialists. These can be downloading or installation of an app, reaching a certain level in the game, etc.;

  • amount of payment. Advertisers specify in the offer what kind of remuneration affiliates will get for traffic acquisition;

  • information about the app. It is important to describe the operational systems that the app is compatible with, its advantages, and peculiarities. Webmasters will use this data to promote the app;

  • data about the geographical location of potential customers. Cities and/or countries from which the advertiser want to drive traffic;

  • target audience. Apart from the geographical location of potential customers, the description of the offer should specify the gender, age, interests of consumers, and other data. Thanks to this information, the affiliate will find it easier to understand how to promote the product. By analyzing this data, webmasters will be able to define whether the audience of their website or blog corresponds to preset requirements;

  • advertising materials. These are banners, logos, mottos, etc.

If you promote apps through CPA networks, it is important to adhere to all the conditions specified in the offer. If you disregard the preset requirements, the advertiser may decline the actions you have fulfilled and refuse to pay you the remuneration for the work done.

СРА networks as an efficient way to promote mobile apps

СРА networks

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote apps. When using this tool, the provider of goods or services pays the webmaster and/or the arbitrage specialist cash remuneration for the attraction of new customers, subscribers and/or buyers.

CPA networks are platforms that unite affiliate programs from different companies. They act as intermediaries between advertisers and webmasters.

The collaboration is realized as follows. Advertisers form offers and place them in affiliate networks. In their turn, affiliates choose one or several commercial offers. They place advertising materials and affiliate links on different Internet platforms (websites, blogs, or social media), and redirect traffic to the advertiser website or app.

CPA networks mainly offer the CPA or cost per action payment model. The advertiser pays the webmaster cash reward only if the user makes a certain action, for example, makes a purchase in the app, registers with the program, etc.

Affiliate’s income: what does the advertiser pay for?

Affiliate’s income

In the case of mobile offers, webmasters (owners of websites or blogs) and arbitrage specialists (people that resell traffic) gain income for the promotion of different apps for devices.

Today the following advertiser-affiliate collaboration models are the most common ones:

  • CPI or cost per install. The affiliate is paid a fixed amount when the attracted user installs the application. Most often this model is chosen by advertisers that want to attract the target audience and increase the number of software users;

  • Trial subscription. The webmaster gets a reward only in case when the attracted user arranges a trial subscription for the app. This model is usually used to promote educational and entertainment software. For example, this can be software for learning languages, watching movies, or reading books. To get access to the content, the user usually has to not only arrange the trial subscription but also specify credit card details. When the trial period of free use runs out, the user will be charged the fee for using the app;

  • CPR or cost per registration. The affiliate gets a cash reward if the attracted user not only downloads and installs the app but also registers there. In some cases, for example, when installing a carsharing app, the user also has to provide the required documents – a passport and/or a driving license;

  • СРS or cost per sale. The advertiser pays the webmaster a fixed amount or a percentage of the order arranged by the buyer in the app. Advertisers of shopping apps usually use this model.

The CPA network takes 20-30% of the webmaster’s reward amount as a fee for intermediary services.

Mobile offers: how to promote apps in affiliate networks

Mobile offers

It is important to drive traffic to mobile offers through platforms adapted to smartphones and tablets. Websites used to promote apps should have a mobile version. If you choose to advertise the app on the website that is incorrectly displayed on mobile devices, chances are high that the user will not see your banner ads.

Here is some more information about several platforms that are good for mobile app promotion.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, and other social media allow promoting mobile offers in two ways:

  • using targeted advertising. Social media usually know the information about the gender of users, age, what devices they use to visit the platform. By analyzing this data, the affiliate can send ads to the target audience;

  • in groups and communities. This way of mobile app promotion is good for arbitrage. At first, the specialist buys traffic in the group and sells it to the advertiser for a higher price.

Websites of webmasters

Online portals are another traffic source. Users usually come to such platforms from search engines, social media, and other resources. To work with mobile offers efficiently and earn an income, the webmaster has to adapt the website to mobile devices. Otherwise, the webmaster may fail to achieve positive results.

Besides, when choosing a certain offer, the webmaster has to factor in the theme of the website. For example, if your website focuses on education, you can advertise apps for learning languages there.

Networks of mobile advertising inapp

These services place advertising materials in mobile apps. For example, ads can appear on the screen after the user completes a game level. This traffic source has the advantage of being customized to mobile devices and allows targeting the required version of the gadget.

Video blogs and streams

Today Twitch and YouTube are some of the best traffic sources for game offers. On these platforms, users can learn more about the app and assess the storyline, the quality of graphics and sound.

Creatives as an important element in mobile app promotion


Creatives are advertising materials that affiliates place on their websites, in blogs, and apps. Their main aim is to attract user attention and incentivize them to make the desired action. In the case of mobile software promotion, the advertising content has to motivate the device owner to download or install the app, make a purchase through the app, take part in the game.

Many advertisers provide affiliates with readymade advertising materials. App owners add such creatives to CPA networks. They are usually available in different sizes and do not need any follow-ups or changes. Other companies offer webmasters and arbitrage specialists to use publicly available advertising materials.

The third category of advertisers allows affiliates to use author’s creatives. Affiliates can create them on their own or turn to experienced advertising specialists and web designers. However, it is important to get the approval of the advertiser for the final version of the creative. If you want to avoid this procedure, you risk remaining without the cash reward.

The advantage of the author’s creatives is that in case of a correct approach, you can develop unique advertising materials that will attract the attention of a bigger number of Internet users.


While promoting apps through CPA networks, it is important to analyze the results of your work. Different tools can be used for this purpose. For example, affiliates track conversions of each offer using SubID tags.

Thanks to analytics, you can understand what kind of ads are more efficient, and assess what channels and platforms suit better for the promotion of certain apps.

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