Anton Merkulov from Propeller Ads: How to promote gambling offers?

Anton Merkulov from Propeller Ads: How to promote gambling offers?

How to adjust the promotion of gambling offers properly? This issue will be revealed on April 24 at Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference by Anton Merkulov, Head of Business Development at Propeller Ads.

Presentation: Promotion of gambling offers: the experience of Affiliate Club by Propeller Ads.

The speaker will introduce a review of the current situation on the online gambling market as well as examine the selection of an offer and a payment model. He will tell the audience how to promote offers with pop-unders and push notification traffic, and describe bidding, budgets, and optimization of campaigns. A practical part of the presentation will be dedicated to certain advertising case studies.

Anton Merkulov joined Propeller Ads in 2015. Within this period, he has worked his way from a manager to the head of business development. He has focused on affiliate programs, advertising of cryptocurrency companies, binary options, forex, and gambling.

Propeller Ads is one of the world’s largest advertising networks that has been operating since 2011. The number of its active users exceeded one billion per month in 2018. Approximately 650 million ad impressions pass through the network daily. It works with traffic from all countries, including Russia.

The network features a built-in tracking system and a wide range of advertising products and formats. Besides, Propeller Ads is ranked first in the world in terms of the volume of popup traffic.

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