How to Start Work with YouTube Affiliate Program 2019

How to Start Work with YouTube Affiliate Program 2019

YouTube is one of the most popular and attractive platforms for earning money. The platform’s audience is 1.9 billion users. Only Facebook outplays this number. How can a newbie sign up with the YouTube affiliate program and earn money on that?

What is the YouTube affiliate program?

The YouTube affiliate program is a special service that allows authors of channels with exclusive content to monetize videos. One can make a profit by placing ads in videos and on channel pages, which users can subsequently see and click.

Ads are embedded automatically. All that the author of the channel has to do is to sign up with the affiliate program and start making money. For a start, it is necessary to meet a number of compulsory conditions and adhere to certain rules.

Advantages of the program:

  • big audience;

  • access to licensed music;

  • analytics of views and commercial impressions;

  • fixed percentage.

YouTube affiliate programs fall into two types: a direct program for earning money through Google AdSense and the Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) that officially work with YouTube. Besides, one can act as an advertiser and attract a multimillion audience to the brand: there are guidelines on how to build a YouTube affiliate program.

Conditions of signing up with the YouTube affiliate program

Conditions of signing up with the YouTube affiliate program

It is possible to sign up with the YouTube affiliate program only after you meet certain requirements that the resource sets to authors of channels. They relate to the number of subscribers, number of watch hours, and originality of placed content. The basic condition is the connection with AdSense – the system is required not only to work with YouTube but also to connect to MCNs.

For this purpose, the author’s video channel has to undergo moderation and get approval from YouTube. The company staff reviews all accounts that want to tap into monetization manually, meaning that sometimes one has to wait for approval for around a month.

How many views should one have to tap into monetization? According to the terms and conditions of YouTube, the affiliate program accepts channels that have 4,000 watch hours over the last six months. At the same time, it is necessary to have no fewer than 1,000 subscribers. A standalone and very important requirement is the uniqueness of videos, i.e. the compliance with copyrights.

One cannot officially tap into monetization if the channel has a small number of subscribers or not enough watch hours. However, the development of the channel, even if it has several dozens of subscribers, will help to earn money on CPA offers. It is not required to undergo AdSense moderation in this case, as the link is placed in the description of the video by the author (manually).

How to link AdSense to YouTube and turn on monetization

The process of filing of an application for the activation of AdSense monetization is rather simple. The most important thing from the side of the author is to meet the required conditions to the channel and then to send an enquiry in several mouse clicks.

In order to do so, one has to:

  • go to Creator Studio of YouTube;

  • find Channel tab in the general menu on the left;

  • click Monetization sub-section and Start;

  • accept terms and conditions of YouTube affiliate program;

  • sign in AdSense account and click Accept connection in the opened window.

  • After the fulfilment of these steps, the user is redirected to YouTube, where the user can adjust ad settings. This is the end of the application process and the user simply has to wait for the answer that can be given in the period from two days to four weeks. If the enquiry is declined, the user can submit the next one in 30 calendar days.

How to sign up with YouTube affiliate program

Once the application for monetization is approved, the user can start working with a suitable affiliate program. The owner of the approved account has to choose whether to connect with the direct affiliate program of YouTube, to start working through networks, or through a standalone program.

The advantage of the YouTube affiliate program is that the percentage of the advertising revenue is a fixed amount of 45%. Multi-Channel Networks will regulate the share of the channel owner’s income with the average percentage ranging from 10% to 50%.

MCNs offer an extended package of services:

  • technical support;

  • legal consultations in disputes about copyrights;

  • educational materials, webinars;

  • loyalty programs.

Basic rules of participation in the affiliate program or a Multi-Channel Network do not differ from those set by YouTube. Some programs may have several additional conditions. The user starts making a profit when the channel starts showing ads.

How does the YouTube affiliate program work?

How does the YouTube affiliate program work

Let’s review the situation when the activation of monetization does not bring a profit for some reason. Why does it happen, basing on what principle is money allocated and how is the income formed? As soon as the monetization is activated, the Google Ad service starts showing ads in the videos on the author’s channel. Advertisers come to AdWords, buy ads there, and then adjust targeting, the price per click, and other parameters.

Large companies can prioritize different countries and even continents, set a higher price for a click for some countries, and a lower price for a click in other countries. In such a way, the earnings and the price for clicks will range depending on the country where the user watches ads.

The price for clicking the same ad may differ even depending on the time of the day. Ads are shown on YouTube with the help of the AdWords tool, and for this reason, it is difficult to calculate the future income accurately (it depends on too many factors and settings from the side of the advertiser).

If the user enters the Analytics of the channel and opens the ‘Estimated earnings’ tab, the user will see the earnings within a certain period. This graph factors in the revenue from ad clicks or banner ad views. The user can see the number of commercials in a standalone tab.

What requirements should the user adhere to in the work with YouTube?

After the compliance test, monetization is enabled for the YouTube channel, and ads start to appear in videos. Afterwards, different requirements will be set to the channel itself, which will have to undergo regular moderations intended to examine the compliance with the rules of content placement.

For example, videos on YouTube channels should not contain:

  • scenes of a sexual nature;

  • shocking content;

  • expressions aimed at discrimination.

Violators can receive warnings, a ban, and even get their payouts frozen (as well as they can be forbidden to participate in the affiliate program in the future). It is possible to dispute bans and warnings, but the procedure is rather difficult and often consultations with professional lawyers are required.

YouTube affiliate program for beginners

Affiliate programs do not work with empty channels without subscribers. Some of them have stricter requirements for the number of viewers and views (for example, not 1,000 but 5,000 subscribers). Certain programs are especially suitable for beginners that have just got their account going and are actively working on the attraction of new users.

  • Agency of Internet Rights (AIR). One of the most well-known affiliate programs. It requires 1,500 subscribers and 5,000 watch hours over the last six months. The author of the channel receives 70% of the earned money and gives 30% to the affiliate program. The program offers studies dedicated to channel promotion and services of lawyers in the settlement of disputes about copyrights, a loyalty program.

  • Yoola. To work with the program, the user needs 5,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the last year. Affiliates get 80% of earned money and give 20% to Yoola. In return, the program offers quality technical support, referral system, assistance in copyright issues.

  • Scalelab. This affiliate program works with channels that have 1,000 or more subscribers and a total of 10,000 views. Authors get 80% of earned money and give 20% to the program. The affiliate program is good because it offers a wide range of tools for work.

How to make money on alternative affiliate programs?

How to make money on alternative affiliate programs

Collaboration with the YouTube affiliate program helps authors of channels to make a profit by showing contextual ads (in videos or in the channel account). However, it can be difficult to earn money in such a way due to rather strict rules and restrictions. There are alternative ways to make money by developing your YouTube channel and placing ads there.

One of such ways is to drive traffic to CPA affiliate programs through the integration of links to landing pages in the description of videos. Traffic can be driven to nutra or product offers. Educational videos, videos with life hacks, beauty blogs, and reviews of gadgets or clothes are a good option here.

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