How to start traffic arbitraging in 2019: job for beginners

How to start traffic arbitraging in 2019: job for beginners

Currently, one of the ways to earn money online is traffic arbitrage beneficial to all the participants. It helps various platforms seamlessly attract new users. Meanwhile, a webmaster gains income.

Let us delve into the notion of traffic arbitrage, revenue prospects, and recommendations for beginners.

What is traffic arbitrage?

What is traffic arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage implies Internet traffic reselling, which means website visitors, in order to gain profit.

Arbitrage experts cooperate with affiliate programs, CPA networks, or directly with ad makers. By attracting an audience, a webmaster gets a negotiated payment for the work.

Thus, arbitrage is a method of passive income due to the promotion of products and services offered by other companies.

How to start traffic arbitrage?

One can start arbitraging for free or with personal capital.

Registration in an affiliate program

To start arbitraging, one needs to decide upon a place to drive traffic to. Its generation is directed to the website chosen via an affiliate program.

There are multiple affiliate programs: they provide various offers and methods of payment for advertising. One of the most popular referral programs is CPA. Here, a webmaster is paid for an action of a user attracted to the platform.

Be careful when choosing an affiliate program: pay attention to payoff rules as well as make sure that hi-quality support is available.

Choosing an offer

Having registered, it’s important to choose an ad banner. Make sure that a product or a service you intend to advertise are in demand with an audience and appeal to it.

Currently, there exist various directions of traffic arbitrage:

  • sale of mass consumer goods;
  • gambling offers;
  • 18+ products;
  • dating websites;
  • subscriptions.

Offer promotion

In order to make money from arbitrage without capital investments, it’s enough to own a personal online platform with a certain level of attendance. By placing ad banners and references on a personal portal, an arbitrage expert can attract users to the chosen platform. However, it’s important that topics of the two websites correlate: this would help attract a target audience.

Traffic can be attracted from your social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Some arbitrage specialists do not use free traffic. Instead, they park their own money in order to purchase it.

Here are the examples of other key traffic sources:

  • contextual advertising: the most effective resources for ad placement are Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords;
  • banner networks;
  • e-newsletters;
  • teaser advertising;
  • ads in messengers.

How to get payment

If a user gets interested in an advertisement, visits the chosen platform, and performs some actions, an arbitrage expert will make profit.

How much money can traffic arbitrage bring?

How much money can traffic arbitrage bring

There is not any stipulated amount of money because multiple conditions influence it. For example, the cost of driven traffic and the number of users.

It’s important to take into account that different types of affiliate programs offer different income. Payment may be given not only for a client action but also for a usual website visit or if a customer brings profit to a platform.

For instance, if an arbitrage expert directs traffic to an online casino, he or she frequently gets 40–60% from the gambling platform’s income made by every attracted player.


Traffic arbitrage is currently a widespread passive earning method. It allows to get the needed income without own product.

To start traffic arbitrage in an effective way, it’s vital to thoroughly select an affiliate program with appropriate conditions and an offer that would appeal to an audience.

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