What to Do if You Hit the Ceiling? Recommendations for Experienced Arbitrage Specialists

What to Do if You Hit the Ceiling? Recommendations for Experienced Arbitrage Specialists

Robert Gryn is a Polish millionaire that has gone the way from the arbitrage specialist to the company owner with a turnover of $100 million per year. In one of his interviews, he said that arbitrage became a basis that led him to the desire and possibility to start a business.

Robert’s example proves that when you develop into an experienced arbitrage specialist, you can keep advancing and conquering higher peaks.

Read in the article below in what direction an arbitrage specialist can develop.

From a simple arbitrage specialist to the owner of a big company: the experience of Robert Gryn

the experience of Robert Gryn

Robert Gryn is an arbitrage specialist that managed to develop his own business, become a millionaire, and get onto the list of one hundred richest people in Poland.

Robert’s career was evolving gradually. Initially, he merely did traffic arbitrage. In 2011, he joined Codewise, which was developing customized software, with an idea of his own startup. Working on current projects, he kept doing arbitrage. At that time, his turnover reached around $300 thousand per month.

With time, he became one of four co-owners of Codewise and started to invest funds there, which he earned thanks to arbitrage. Later, together with the partner, he realized a hostile takeover of the company.

Robert took on the management of Codewise and started to develop the company actively. This led to a situation where the company became one of the most rapidly growing tech companies in the EMEA region. Its revenue increased from 1 million to 132 million PLN from 2012 to 2015.

Keynote products of Codewise are Zeropark and Voluum. The first one is a traffic exchange system with payments for results. The second one is a platform intended to analyze efficiency, track, optimize advertising campaigns and for media buying. It consists of the Voluum tracker and Voluum DSP integrated ad platform.

According to data of the Polish Forbes, Robert shifted away from the direct management of the company in 2018. However, he keeps making money and lives a luxurious life.

Where can an experienced arbitrage specialist go: directions of possible development

Today traffic arbitrage is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Upon a correct approach, it allows making up to several thousand dollars per month. Along with that, you do not have to sit in a stuffy office staring on the computer for 10 hours per day. The arbitrage specialist can independently plan his or her day and work from any part of the world – even from the warm bed or seashore.

However, no matter how profitable this profession is, many arbitrage specialists seek career growth and want to earn more. Let’s find out in which direction the specialist can move if he or she is well-versed in traffic arbitrage.

Transfer of experience

Arbitrage specialists can have high incomes. For this reason, people are ready to pay good money to master the skills required to work in this field.

A professional arbitrage specialist can share the experience with beginning specialists and make money on it. For this purpose, one can organize different seminars and webinars, courses, give consultations. If you have much useful knowledge and the skill to express yourself neatly and comprehensibly, you can write a guidebook on arbitrage.

Setting up an affiliate network

Seasoned arbitrage specialists work with numerous affiliate networks. They know how the latter work, their peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages. Use your knowledge to create your own advertising network.

It is important to factor in that this path of professional growth requires investment of funds and much effort. There is also a risk that a startup platform will not withstand competition and will not bring expected profit. However, in the case of the correct approach to management, chances for success grow higher.

For example, Jason Akatiff was working as an arbitrage specialist for several years and later launched his own affiliate network A4D. Over the history of existence, the company faced various difficulties. As a result, Jason’s team has overcome all hurdles. Now it keeps working in the market successfully.

Launch of a website

If you are not ready to build an affiliate network yet, you can set up your own website. When you choose themes for the online resource, orient toward the niches, where you want to continue working. For example, if your goal is to promote an online casino, it is a good idea to refill the resource with entertainment content. If you plan to redirect traffic to betting platforms, you can create a sports-themed website.

On your own online resource, you can earn money not only on affiliate marketing but also through writing advertising materials, etc.

Creation of a platform to exchange traffic

An arbitrage specialist knows how and where to generate traffic. If you have corresponding ideas and skills, you can follow the example of Robert Gryn’s team to develop a traffic exchange system.

Development of a new tool for traffic arbitrage

When Robert Gryn was doing traffic arbitrage, he frequently faced challenges in the work with self-hosted trackers. He lost a lot of money for this reason. To solve this problem, the team developed Voluum tracker. Now not only Codewise but also many companies around the world use this solution.

The development of tools for arbitrage specialists is a good way to earn money or start your own business. The community of affiliate marketing specialists is not very big. However, its representatives are credit worthy and ready to invest funds in solutions that can help them grow revenue. Therefore, if you have your own developments, possibly the time has come to show them to the world.

Become an advertiser

If you are an experienced arbitrage specialist, you know well how to generate traffic and know what kind of ads attract a specific audience. Therefore, you will be able to cope with the role of the advertiser.

Change of field

Sometimes long-term work in one field stops bringing enjoyment and gets boring. To change the situation, try to diversify your activity. Try to give preference to the niches that provoke more of your interest.

You will have an opportunity to learn more about possible development directions for arbitrage specialists at Affiliate Marketing Conference Belarus.

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