AMCB: Presentations on Nutra, Commodities, Fintech, Social Media, and Cashback + High-End Networking

AMCB: Presentations on Nutra, Commodities, Fintech, Social Media, and Cashback + High-End Networking

Affiliate Marketing Conference Belarus is the first conference in Belarus, allowing pros in “white” and “grey” arbitrage niches to share case studies and real-life experience. On December 12, in Minsk, experts will sum up the results of 2019 affiliate year and give forecasts for 2020.

Speakers will include not only CIS market gurus but also experts from the EU, Latin America, APAC, MENA, etc. AMCB will also provide plenty of specialized networking: in a new efficient speed dating format, in comfortable VIP and lounge areas, in the demo zone with top field-specific companies, and at the afterparty.

Issues to be revealed at the conference

The conference will be moderated by Evgeniy Romanenko, the host at the CryptoEmcee YouTube channel, and Nikolay Kharin, the owner of P1sms and Zvonobot. They will help speakers to thrill the audience with presentations and ask them tricky questions.

The AMCB program is rapidly filled out. Eight speakers are already announced:

  • Nikolay Kharin won’t limit himself to a moderation position and will make a presentation on the future of affiliate marketing – voice chatbots. The topic is critical and highly discussed on the foreign Internet. The speaker will explain why it is crucial to the CIS community.

  • Anton Bykov, Ukraine Country Manager at Webvork, will tell guests how to properly generate nutra traffic as well as select affiliate programs and bundles to promote niche offers. The recognized expert in Ukrainian nutra will unveil information to be relevant in 2020.

  • Maksim Kravchenko, the founder of No Name Team, will unveil interesting case studies of FB traffic acquisition. He is preparing them right now!

  • Artem Levchuk, a Media Buyer at LetyShops, will explain how to earn on cashback. The speaker will focus on the specific nature of EU and Latin American traffic operations.

  • Vadim Kurilo, the Head of the arbitrage team at Barium, will pay attention to female traffic monetization in peculiar niches. Such a topic is rarely raised at specialized events and will be beneficial to those engaged in traffic generation.

  • Denis Ladutko, a Facebook & Instagram expert, will dispel myths about traffic of these popular social networks on the CIS market. He will disprove 30+ misconceptions preventing people from earning on traffic redirection and acquisition.

  • Veronika Avdevich, a Product Marketing Manager at Affise, will analyze affiliate marketing trends and lifehacks in APAC countries.

  • Alex Melkumyants, the Head of International Partnerships at AMarkets, will highlight the special features of CPA earnings on financial markets in the CIS countries, the Near East, North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Nigeria, and Turkey.

Besides, AMCB will feature a panel discussion: Aggressive marketing: How to acquire and return clients. Its participants will provide the best practices of the efficient and failure application of this tool. They will define where it should be used and where it is better to look for other ways of promotion.

High-end networking

The AMCB demo zone is designed for 10 participants. It will involve major market players who have something to introduce to affiliates. Demo zone networking is special, as companies can find their target audience and arrange meetings with potential partners.

Speed dating is a new format of fruitful connections for affiliates. Within a few minutes, you will definitely find out how useful a partner is and go to the next candidate. Speed dating allows to obtain 20+ target contacts per hour!

The conference will offer VIP and Lounge areas. The first one is aimed only at attendees with premium tickets, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, while the second one is available to all guests. Unofficial communication will start here.

We are going to organize an awesome party after AMCB where a piece of insider information will be given away in a relaxed atmosphere with several glasses of drinks.

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